Few words about TST token

Centralization versus decentralization

Most often, the concept of "centralization" and "decentralization" is used in the case of cryptocurrency exchanges. In the case of a centralized trading platform, the user actually does not own tokens, they are stored on the account of the exchange, and only she has private keys. Decentralized exchange allows users to fully dispose of funds. If we talk about a token, then its decentralization lies in the fact that each coin owner controls an individual wallet that is created automatically. The TRUE STABLE TOKEN algorithms allow you to increase the speed of ongoing transactions, since they do not pass third-party checks, and a large number of nodes (computers processing requests) make the process almost instantaneous

Yield with TST

Income 133% for 30 days!

Easy marketing for everyone!


Choose a currency and calculate the yield

You will get tokens:

TST 10000.00 + Bonus: 0.00

Your open 30 day position will receive:

BONUS TST: 15K = 1% 25K = 2% 50K = 5% 100K = 10%

How it works

Use TST very simple

  • Register on the site

    Fast registration and entry of required data on our website does not take much time.

  • Get tokens

    Anyone can buy TST, because the minimum amount is equivalent to less a cup of coffee.

  • Get TST daily

    During storage, you will receive a portion of your TST each day for use. You will receive a total of 133% in 30 days.

  • 1-10 July 2019

    Verification and testing of the investment platform TSToken, elimination of errors and bugs. Conduct a preliminary audit.

  • 2-5 July 2019

    Registration of a brand in the unified register of UK companies.

  • 10-20 July 2019

    Carrying out an independent audit of several financial professionals and the publication of text and video reports on our website and on social networks.

  • 15-30 July 2019

    Development and publication of White Paper (WP) on our website and on social networks.

  • August 1 2019

    Conducting a series of webinars and conferences to promote the investment platform among Internet entrepreneurs and MLM leaders.

  • 10-30 August 2019

    Monitoring and analysis of the cryptocurrency market. Preparation and development of new features and a smart contract for our partners.

  • 1-15 September 2019

    Refinement and update of the site of the platform, as well as the addition of additional tools for usability.

  • 15-30 September 2019

    Conduct a general summit of users of the platform (the date and place will be updated).

  • October-January 2019

    Opening of offices and consulting centers of the platform.

  • February 2020

    Access to the cryptocurrency exchange.

Open full access to TST

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TRUE STABLE TOKEN was created taking into account the errors of previous analogues, but we did not copy anything.

Greater applicability

TRUE STABLE TOKEN can be used as a tool for exchange operations on popular cryptocurrency exchanges, as a payment and investment vehicle.

Growth potential

The larger the token capitalization (the total volume of transactions carried out with the help of TRUE STABLE TOKEN), the more the investors earn.


You can buy and sell tokens even from a mobile device or any other gadget.

Personal wallet

For each TST owner, a separate address is created at which the coins are stored. No one except the owner of the address can use tokens.

Responsive administration

We are always in touch with our partners, ready to answer emerging questions and help solve problems.

TST for partners

6 Levels affiliate program

With our affiliate program you can earn significant funds on your TST wallet!

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